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Hilfe von Experten nur einen Klick entfernt. Bei uns profitierst du von einem Expertenteam mit über 42.000 Stunden Erfahrung in der Kundenberatung.

You should be able to afford your own home.

Rising property prices, lack of savings, and shady brokers leave many qualified homebuyers feeling out of control when searching for a mortgage. We get it — it can make you doubt if you’ll ever be able to purchase a home of your own.

In fact, Germany is one of the most difficult countries in Europe for middle-class citizens to own a home.

At Justhome, we believe hardworking people should be able to afford a home they love. That’s why we put our decades of experience in the mortgage industry to work for you and provide personalised financing solutions that you won’t find with typical banks and brokers.

  • 42.1%of German households own their home. That’s less than in any other EU country.
  • 300kGerman families want to buy a home every but cannot afford it
  • 106%price increase for properties in top 7 cities in Germany since 2010
  • 3-4weeks to get a mortgage offer from a traditional mortgage broker or bank
Hilfe von Experten nur einen Klick entfernt. Bei uns profitierst du von einem Expertenteam mit über 42.000 Stunden Erfahrung in der Kundenberatung.

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Our expert mortgage advisory team has 42,000+ hours of experience successfully crafting mortgage solutions for people just like you — no matter your income or level of savings. Get the answer to all your mortgage questions!

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Nicht genug Erspartes? Schöpfe das Potenzial deines Budgets voll aus mit Boost.

Not enough savings? Unlock your budget with boost.

When you have a reliable income, you should be able to afford a home even if you don’t have tons of cash for a down payment. We craft financing solutions for you that you won't find with typical banks and brokers – we call it boost.

6 insider tips to secure an unbeatable mortgage

There are a few tricks of the trade that bankers and brokers will rarely tell you about getting a mortgage. In this guide, we let you in on the secrets industry experts use when seeking financing.

  • Tips we use for every client
  • Jargon-free, easy-to-understand language
  • 42,000+ hours of experience
  • Save 15% on costs and interest

Insider tips that many fail to mention

Everything you need to know about mortages and property buying process


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We have the heart of a teacher and want you to learn from our experience. We show you everything you need to know about the homebuying process so you can stay in control and make well-informed decisions.
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