Our mission: Helping people own their home

We buy our shoes online, pay for our coffee with our cell phones and have our weekly groceries delivered to our homes.

But buying real estate is still slow, opaque and complicated. We're going to change that.

We at Justhome are stepping up to make the path to home ownership faster. To make it more digital. To make it easier. 

Stay tuned!

There is a problem in the German real estate market

  • 84%Price increase for owner-occupied homes in Germany since 2010
  • 49%Share of German households living in their "own" property
  • 106%Price increases for owner-occupied homes in Germany's top 7 cities since 2010
  • 27,9% Faster price growth in the top 7 cities compared with the rest
### In no other country in the EU is the home ownership rate lower than in Germany. ![Kein Titel (2048 × 1500 px).jpg](https://cdn.justhome.co/cdn/assets/Kein_Titel_2048_1500_px_fa173475c0.jpg)

We are Justhome!

Justhome was founded in 2021 and funded by leading capital providers to make the real estate acquisition process easier. 

Our team of experienced real estate and financing professionals share a passion for paving the way to home ownership. 

From the decision to buy, to finding the right property, to financing. Buyers have questions - we have the answers.

The Top 3 reasons for buyers

Should I rent or better buy? Will the real estate prices go down? What are the tips & tricks of the real estate search? We have the answer!

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