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Get the best mortgage rates available and take control of the process from start to finish!


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There's a major problem with the German housing market.

Because housing prices have risen so rapidly, Germany is one of the most difficult countries in Europe for middle-class citizens to own a home. This leaves many people feeling overwhelmed and confused when trying to procuring a mortgage. But Justhome is here to help you navigate this situation wisely.

Growth in housing prices vs. earnings


  • 84%increase in the overall price of housing in Germany since 2010
  • 8.17xincrease in the gap between real earnings and housing prices since 2010
  • 106%increase in the price of housing in top-7 cities since 2010
  • 27.9% faster growth in housing in top-7 cities than in the rest of Germany

Our mission is to help people like you own their own home

We believe hardworking people should be able to afford a home they love. We're putting our decades of experience to work to provide personalized financing solutions you won’t find with typical banks and brokers.


Our team of experts is ready to guide you.

Our team consists of expert mortgage advisors, not salespeople. We have the heart of a teacher to educate you so you feel confident you are making the right decision for you and your family.

My name is Uta and I have been helping people become homeowners since 2009. After more than 12 years in mortgage advisory, I have made it my mission to help more people afford their own property in the future. My dream is a house by the lake with a large terrace for barbecues with family and friends.


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We put our values to work for you

Our values underlie everything we do — how we work together as a team and how we treat our customers.


We are transparent and always put the good of the customer first. We believe that we can make money and still benefit you.


We don’t over-complicate processes or use industry jargon. We put you in control and make the process fast and easy.


We take pride in the quality and accuracy of our work. You can rest assured everything is being handled with the utmost professionalism.


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